The mine is located at Megalahalli, Tanigehalli and Chowdenahalli villages of Chitradurga district under Neruthadi Reserve Forest. Mining operation started manually during 1970’s and subsequently the lease was renewed over an area of 42.60 hectares at the time of first renewal during the year 1997. During those days M/s. MMTC and M/s. VISL, Bhadravati, were the only buyers purchasing high grade Iron ore lumps from this area. Mining lease over an area of 42.13 hectares is valid till the year 2027 and the mine is certified under ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015.

In order to modernize and to carryout scientific & eco friendly mining, the mining operations were mechanised in late nineties. Mine is being operated after obtaining all statutory clearances. Environmental Clearance has been obtained for production capacity of 1.5 MMTPA. The mine is being worked by opencast method with shovel dumper combination. We produce high grade iron ore lumps suitable for blast furnace & sponge iron kiln; iron ore fines are suitable for pellet manufacture & sinter process. We have a exclusive public Railway siding to meet the logistic support for different customers. We take care of our surrounding environment by implementing numerous air, water, noise, etc., pollution mitigative measures. We have won number of awards / prizes in the area of environment protection as well as in safety in the competitions held from time to time. Latest addition is “Misrilall Jain Environment Award” instituted by FIMI for the year 2015-16.

Best Practices

  • Exploration carried out in a scientific manner with grid interval of 50 mts.
  • Analyses of the samples carried out at a NABL accredited laboratory.
  • The data has been used in the SURPAC software for mine planning and design.
  • The operations are carried out with fully mechanized Open Cast mining with shovel dumper combination.
  • The mine benches are maintained as per the statue.
Dump Stabilisation (1)
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Scientific Operations

  • Waste dumping at designated place with terracing.
  • Proper gradient and burms of sufficient height is maintained
  • Haul Roads are maintained with sufficient width and gradient and berms are maintained as per statue.
  • Ramps are provided with gradient lessthan 1 in 16.
  • Drilling and blasting operations have been stopped and replaced with ripper dozer in order to avoid ground vibrations, air borne dust and noise.
  • Hydraulic excavators with A.C cabins are deployed for excavation and loading.
  • Front end loaders are deployed for clearing, loading and other miscellaneous operations.

Mine Environment

Mine sourrounding-Sl-04
  • Main transportation and haul roads are provided with fixed high pressure water sprinklers.
  • For dust suppression at mine benches tankers fitted with sprinkling arrangement are deployed.
  • Truck mounted dry fog dust suppression has been deployed to mitigate the air borne dust in the mine / stockyard.
  • Ripper Dozer replaced drilling and blasting
  • All belt conveyors, bunkers, transfer points at mineral processing plants are covered with powder coated G.I. hoots.
  • Dry fog dust suppression system installed at all the feed hopper, output bunkers and transfer points in the mineral processing plants.
  • Green belt safety zone plantation has been developed on periphery of the mining lease.
  • Regular in-house monitoring of air, water, noise, etc.
  • Plantation of different native species (31 species) within and outside the mining lease every year and maintaining them by watering, manure, during summer months.
  • Maintaining in-house nursery with 50000 saplings raising capacity per annum.
  • Distribution of developed saplings to local villagers on the eve of “WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY” every year.
  • The transportation trucks are covered with tarpaulin and no overloading is allowed.
  • All the transportation trucks are fitted with speed governors, RFID tags for monitoring.

Rehabilitation & Reclamation

  • Check dams constructed – 5 No’s
  • Gulley checks constructed – 19 No’s
  • Retaining wall constructed at toe of the waste dump – 928 mts.
  • Garland drain constructed along side retaining wall – 767 mts.
  • Vertical drain constructed on the dump – 50 mts
  • Storm water settling pond constructed – 2 No’s (one earthen & one masonry)
  • Hume pipe culvert constructed – 42 mts.
  • Earthen siltrap – 2 No’s
  • Plantaions/afforesttion of native species are carried out within and out side the ML area.
  • Safety zone area is maintained on western side of the lease area with fencing and plantations.
Nursery plantation

Mine workings



RR Works


Dust suppression

Waste Dump Management

Average Ambient Air Quality in Core and Buffer Zone

Year  Main Haulage road  Loading Area/Stock Area  Crushing & Screening Plant  Dumping Area  Megalahalli  D.Medikeripura  Tanigehalli  Sirigere
2020-21 41.5 43.5 42.1 43.8 32.9 33 32.8 28.1
2019-20 42 39 41 39 43 40 43 34
2018-19 39 40.5 43.9 41.6 32.6 32.8 32.2 26.3
2017-18 39 40.5 43.9 41.6 29.7 26.5 36.8 26.3
Year Main Haulage road Loading Area/Stock Area Crushing & Screening Plant Dumping Area Megalahalli D.Medikeripura Tanigehalli Sirigere
2020-21 21 23.1 22.1 20.1 22.5 21.7 21 16.3
2019-20 23 22 23 23 27 25 27 23
2018-19 19.7 21.5 20 19.3 23.3 21.9 20.2 14.6
2017-18 19.7 21.5 20 19.3 16.6 15.4 16.8 14.6

Sustainability Report 2020-21

Sustainability Report 2019-20