The mine was located at Mahadevapura and Gilikenahalli villages of Chitradurga district and mining operations are carried out manually over an area of 23.47 hectares. During those days there were no takers / buyers for low grade manganese ore.  In order to carryout scientific & eco friendly mining, total exploration of the deposit has been carried out with in-house exploration team. This mine has now been closed successfully as per the approved Final Mine Closure plan with effective from 31st March 2021.

Scientific & Eco-friendly Mining

  • Mining operations are managed by professionally qualified and experienced mine manager and assisted by part time team consists of experienced executives qualified in the fields of mining, geology, mine survey, environment, civil, human resource development, finance, etc.
  • Scientific, sustainable and eco-friendly mining is carried out with dedicated technical team.
  • Explored the deposit with an in-house exploration rig & team for estimating the mineral reserves. Exploration carried out in a scientific manner with grid a interval of 50 mts.
  • Analyses of the exploration samples carried out at a NABL accredited laboratory.
  • The working benches are maintained as per the requirement of statue.
  • Waste dump is located at non-mineralised area; inactive dump is being rehabilitated with terracing and plantations.

Mine Environment

  • Green belt has been developed on periphery of the mining lease.
  • Regular in-house monitoring of air, water, noise, etc., as required under statue.
  • Plantation of different local species both within and outside the mining lease and maintaining them with watering during summer months.
  • Maintenance of in house nursery to raise 50000 saplings /annum.
  • Distribution of saplings to local villagers on the eve of “WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY” every year.
  • The dispatch trucks carrying mineral are covered with tarpaulin and no overloading is allowed.

Rehabilitation & Reclamation

  • Check dams constructed – 2 no’s
  • Gully checks constructed – 6 no’s
  • Retaining wall constructed at toe of the waste dump – 262 mts.
  • Earthen garland drain constructed parallel to the retaining wall – 418 mts.
  • Plantations carried out in vacant barren land in the lease area – 13215 no’s
  • Geo textile coir mat spread over the waste dump – 480 sq. mts.
  • Plantations carried out on the waste dump – 1265