Ramajjanahalli Manganese & Iron Ore Mine

This mine is located at Mallapura and Ramajjanahalli Kaval villages of Hosadurgan taluk, Chitradurga district. Mining operation are yet to be commissioned over an area of 122.22 hectares. The mine is located on revenue land at about 50 kms away from Chitradurga. The manganese ore available in the mine is suitable for production silico-manganese and ferro-manganese.

Scientific & Eco-friendly Mining

  • The mining operations will be managed by professionally qualified and experienced mine manager and shall be assisted by part time professional team consists of experienced executives qualified in the fields of mining, geology, mine survey, environment, civil, human resource development, finance, etc.
  • As a company policy, scientific and eco-friendly mining shall be carried out with dedicated technical team.
  • The deposit shall be explored with an in-house exploration rig & team for estimating the mineral reserves.
  • The mining operations shall be mechanised.
  • The mine working benches shall be maintained as per the statue.
  • Waste dumping will be as per approved mine plan.
  • Mine haul roads will be maintained with proper gradient and burms of sufficient height.

Mine Environment

  • No proposal of drilling and blasting
  • Green belt at periphery of the mining lease will be developed.
  • Proposed regular in-house monitoring of air, water, noise, etc.
  • Proposed plantations of different local species at the mining lease area every year and maintaining them.
  • Maintenance of in-house nursery with 50000 saplings raising capacity per annum (common for group of mines).
  • The trucks carrying mineral will be covered with tarpaulin and no overloading will be allowed.